Episode 5: The Camino

Colourful painted stones with pilgrims and hikers on them

Let me take you on a very intimate journey from my first seizure to walking the Norte and Primitivo Caminos. With music recorded whilst I was walking, this will give you an insight into my experience of The Way.

On a post-referendum quest to discover more of Europe, I decided to take a five-hundred mile walk across Spain. In the summer of 2017, I walked the Camino de Santiago. I expected sore feet, time to think and intimate talks with strangers (mainly about blisters). I didn’t expect my epilepsy to be such a focus of conversation and source of admiration.

As you listen to my story, I hope that fellow pilgrims recognise themselves and that it might push aspiring pilgrims to buy a guidebook. And if you want to know more about me and my epilepsy, this is your chance.

And you get to hear me sing…

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  • Fiesta recorded on the Camino
  • Acoustic Venezuelan Cuatro by iluppai | License: Creative Commons 0 via Freesound.org
  • Didgeridoo recorded on the Camino
  • Buskers in Bilbao recorded on the Camino
  • Tom Paget recorded and sung by me on a path in Surrey
  • Fiesta in Santiago recorded on the Camino

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