Episode 6: Fran Chats

Advocate for adventure and epilepsy awareness. Writer. Editor. Podcaster. Public Speaker. In this interview (of sorts) you get to hear more from me, Fran Turauskis.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary for seizeyouradventure.com you asked me about my adventures, epilepsy, and more. I talk about:

  • Finding the way when you’re lost
  • Adapting adventures to your ability
  • What having epilepsy has taught me
  • The highs and lows of starting Seize Your Adventure
  • Hiking the Camino
  • Family hiking holidays
  • What I say to those that tell me not to do something
  • My next challenge – 30 Adventures in 1 year!

And yes, I do say ‘three pikes’ instead of ‘three peaks’… I don’t know why.

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Buskers in Bilbao recorded on the Camino