Episode 8: Mind Over Mountains

Man on rock Staring at the Himalayas

For Jake Quigley, adventure is more than just a past time, or even a passion. Adventure is a lifestyle, and one he built up around his epilepsy.

Jake was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was eleven years old. Rather than being scared by the condition, those around him encouraged and supported Jake to try adventurous things.

But having carved out his adventure lifestyle, Jake’s seizures began to evolve when he was an adult, and they started to impact on his quality of life. Eventually, medication wasn’t working, and Jake was left with one last option: brain surgery

Terminology used in this episode:

  • Medically refractory epilepsy: Epilepsy that is never fully controlled by medication.
  • Generalised seizure: a seizure that affects the entire brain
  • Focal point: A place in the brain the seizure starts
  • Grand mal: a generalised seizure where a person loses consciousness and convulses. Also known as a tonic-clonic (more modern term).

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A Matter of Mind Over Mountains

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