Episode 9: A Chat with Jake Quigley

Skiing with Epilepsy fresh snow

Jake Quigley is the executive director of the non profit Outdoor Mindset. The organisation’s mission is to unite and inspire people affected by neurological challenges through a common passion of the outdoors.

It is a free membership-based community. When he is not working, Jake can be found adventuring outdoors with his wife, Jeanie, by foot, bike, or ski.

If you haven’t listen to Jake’s story, be sure to head back to Part One so that you make the most of our conversation!

We talked about:

  • His epilepsy diagnosis at 11 years old
  • How adventure can increase confidence, positivity and the ability to deal with challenge
  • The path to brain surgery
  • How to dispel the fear and stigma around epilepsy
  • What is telemark skiing?
  • How altitude might affect epilepsy
  • What he could teach me in mountain biking!
  • Getting support from Diane Van Deren
  • What you CAN control when you are diagnosed
  • How exercise can help your brain
  • The influence of the outdoors on depression and anxiety
  • The changes in attitude towards epilepsy
  • His next big adventure


  • Grand mal: a generalised seizure where a person loses consciousness and convulses. Also known as a tonic-clonic (more modern term).
  • Aura: a change in brain activity that causes some strange sensations. Often a warning of a seizure.

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