Author: Francesca Turauskis

Hot Drinks for Cold Campers

The warmer days of summer entice more of us out into the countryside and it is the most popular time of the year for camping. We stare at stars that aren’t visible from the city, listen to the sound of the cows instead of the cars, and enjoy the fat expanse of time – whether …

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The Camino Diaries

“And now I was on my journey, in a pair of thick boots and with a hazel stick in my hand…” Laurie Lee Day 0: San Sebastian This place is like a speakeasy for the pious. A church housed in a school. As I entered, and handed my virgin pilgrim passport over, I felt I …

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How to be an Adventurer

Spoiler alert: adventures tend to involve risk. When preparing to climb rocks, paddle down whitewater or bike on rough terrain, you sign a waiver (either literally or figuratively) claiming full responsibility for your own life and death. For most people who indulge in such activities, this ‘risk factor’ is signed away without a second thought. …

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