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Learning from Surfing with EPilepsy

Learning from Surfing with Epilepsy

In the following story, Cameron Schwartzkopf talks about his relationship with seizures and surfing. This includes some of the larger risks and consequences of with surfing with epilepsy. This is Cameron’s personal experience. It may be upsetting to some, and the end was fortunate, but I think that his story is very important.      …

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Magic of Camping in Flagstaff small

The Magic of Camping in Flagstaff

Do you know what magic feels like?  Some call it goosebumps, chills, willies, or God bumps. Magic is that moment it feels as if everything is aligned, and you’re truly one with the universe.  I’ve had many of these moments in life, and they seem to happen more often when I detach from the hustle …

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Jake Quigley in Himalayas

A Matter of Mind Over Mountains

It was one of those mornings you cherish in a small mountain town: a foot of fresh snow outside the bedroom window; the sounds of a plough making its way up the road; and the echo of dynamite as ski patrol hurls charges to trigger avalanche terrain. Exactly the kind of morning to cherish before …

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Running a marathon with epilepsy

A Marathon for Mom

Runners are a strange group. We love lacing up our shoes and hitting the trail, road, or treadmill for extended periods of time. Against all logic, being alone with our thoughts is what keeps us sane. Those precious moments of absolute solitude, partnered with the pounding of our feet against the surface, do something to …

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