Author: Joe Stevenson

What to Pack for a Day Hike with Epilepsy

Hiking is a great exercise for people with epilepsy. It keeps you active, increases oxygen intake and gives you a change of scenery. If you don’t drive, walking and hiking can also be a great way of getting from A to B. National organisations such as the Ramblers Association have guidelines for hiking with epilepsy …

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Charity Hiking 101: Raising Money

When I completed the Ben Nevis Challenge to raise money for Epilepsy Action, I managed to raise £700 for the charity – which was about £150 more than was expected. But the truth is that a few years before that, I walked along Hadrian’s Wall for charity too. For that trek, I didn’t raise anything …

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Finding My Inner Peak

From what I remember (and sometimes the epilepsy doesn’t leave much) 2015 was an eventful year for me. I overcame a long run of depression that I had been stuck with since my late teens, and after two-and-a-half years of financial recession and epilepsy-related setbacks, I finally found a job that January. I somehow felt …

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