Author: Seize Your Adventure

PODCAST: Adventurers Talk Epilepsy

We’ve heard from people with epilepsy how they seize adventure. Now it’s time to put some adventurers on the spot. I talk to three people who work within the adventure field to find out what they know about epilepsy, what they don’t, and how we can get more people with epilepsy in adventure. We mention: …

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man with backpack walking down rocky hill in Himalayas

PODCAST: Jake Quigley Part Two | A Chat with Jake

Jake Quigley is the executive director of the non profit Outdoor Mindset. The organisation’s mission is to unite and inspire people affected by neurological challenges through a common passion of the outdoors. It is a free membership-based community. When he is not working, Jake can be found adventuring outdoors with his wife, Jeanie, by foot, …

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PODCAST: Jake Quigley Part One | Mind Over Mountains

For Jake Quigley, adventure is more than just a past time, or even a passion. Adventure is a lifestyle, and one he built up around his epilepsy. Jake was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was eleven years old. Rather than being scared by the condition, those around him encouraged and supported Jake to try adventurous …

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PODCAST: Jordan Wylie | 20ish Questions

Adventurer. Soldier. Author. Jordan Wylie is known for his challenges at the extreme end of the adventure spectrum. Described by Sir Ranulph Fiennes as “A determined, fearless adventurer and an inspiring man”, Jordan has run races in Iraq, Afghansistan and Somalia, he has written a book about his time tackling pirates off the coast of …

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Fran Turauskis sitting crosslegged holding Seize Your Adventure enamel mug. Overlay read Interview by Travelettes

An Interview by Travelettes

Seize Your Adventure Founder, Fran Turauskis was interviewed by Kathi Kamleitner for the website Travelettes. Here is their conversation, which first appeared on Travelettes on 16th October 2018: A few weeks ago, I contributed to an episode of my favourite travel podcast She Explores. The episode was all about female solo adventures and I shared my thoughts …

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podcast Episode 6 cover Fran Turauskis

PODCAST: Fran Turauskis Part Two | Fran Chats

Advocate for adventure and epilepsy awareness. Writer. Editor. Podcaster. Public Speaker. In this interview (of sorts) you get to hear more from me, Fran Turauskis. To celebrate the one-year anniversary for you asked me about my adventures, epilepsy, and more. I talk about: Finding the way when you’re lost Adapting adventures to your ability …

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person with epilepsy walking the camino Primitivo in the mountains of Asturias

PODCAST: Fran Turauskis Part One | The Camino

Let me take you on a very intimate journey from my first seizure to walking the Norte and Primitivo Caminos. With music recorded whilst I was walking, this will give you an insight into my experience of The Way. On a post-referendum quest to discover more of Europe, I decided to take a five-hundred mile …

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A Chat with Joe Stevenson adventure epilepsy podcast

PODCAST: Joe Stevenson Part Two | A Chat with Joe

It is important to acknowledge when we do impressive things. Not just because a sense of pride won’t do us any harm. But because it makes our stories more realistic to that person who is scared that it’s too hard for them. In a strange way, if we acknowledge that something is hard for us, …

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podcast image climbing ben nevis epilepsy

PODCAST: Joe Stevenson Part One | Finding My Inner Peak

This podcast takes you to one of the most remote parts of the UK, an area renowned as the last wilderness of Britain. Even the most touristic areas take some effort to get to. Welcome to the Scottish highlands. Joe Stevenson tells us about a charity hike he did a couple of years ago. Charity …

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epilepsy advocate Jade Nelson podcast

PODCAST: Jade Nelson Part Two | A Chat with Jade

In this Q&A, we’ll learn a bit more about Jade Nelson, who wrote and read the Episode 1 story, “Peace in West Texas”. Jade is a licensed Massage Therapist, Epilepsy Advocate, Public Speaker and Writer based in Austin, Texas. Her focus is helping spread awareness of epilepsy and the ketogenic diet (a high fat, low …

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