The Seize Your Adventure podcast is where the adventure community and the epilepsy community meet. This podcast will let you listen to intimate stories and conversations from people with epilepsy who enjoy the adventure lifestyle. You will hear about epic journeys, such as long-distance hiking with epilepsy medication in a backpack. We will talk about our personal challenges, including a hike up Ben Nevis for Epilepsy Action; and you get to listen to us describing our small pleasures, like the first duck-dive when surfing after brain surgery.

For those of you who have no contact with epilepsy, these stories will let you connect with the people behind the diagnosis and will give you an idea of how we can do adventure sports with epilepsy. For those with the condition, I hope it will encourage you and give you confidence to get out there at bit more. For all of us, it will bring a little bit more adventure and inspiration into our lives.

This is how we live – with epilepsy.