Tell Your Story

Tell Your Story

Seize Your Adventure is dedicating to telling the stories of those living with epilepsy who enjoy adventure and the outdoors. There are some great platforms out there to tell your story of diagnosis and living with epilepsy. We want to hear about your love of adventure sports, endurance feats and time spent in nature.  From the epic journeys and adventurous feats, to the small pleasures you get from the natural world, these are the moments that change you and make you. If you have a story like this, send our editor an email with the subject ‘Story Submission’. Please include a brief pitch of your story and a little information on your epilepsy.

We also want to equip budding adventurers with the information to start getting out there and trying new things. If you have experience of taking part in adventure sports with epilepsy, and can write an article about your sport, please send a pitch with the subject ‘Article Submission’.

If you’d like us to use your photos on Instagram, be sure to follow us and use #myepilepsyadventure on your posts.

We’re currently working on some Seize Your Adventure podcasts. If you want to talk to us or you know an inspiring adventurer with epilepsy we should speak to, we want the world to hear. Just tell us a little bit below and put ‘Podcast’ as the subject.

We will respond to all submissions, but if you don’t hear back from us straight away, we may be up a mountain, climbing a wall or testing our running shoes. We’ll get back to everyone as soon as possible.  

We reserve the right to edit any content prior to posting. Please note, all submissions are currently unpaid.