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Seize Your Adventure is a unique platform that is expanding the cross-section of adventure and epilepsy.  It advocates the adventure lifestyle to a new, wider audience, whilst using adventure to bring awareness to epilepsy in an accessible way.  I work with companies, charities and individuals from both the epilepsy and adventure sectors, and I showcase trusted, quality content and products. From advert placements in the podcast, to native content on the website and social media marketing, Seize Your Adventure can offer a range of ways to engage with a loyal following.

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In 2010, thirteen individuals with a link to a neurological challenge (brain tumors, aneurysms, epilepsy, etc.) were inspired by a mutual friend’s determination to make something great come from his diagnosis of a brain tumor.  The group shared a passion for the outdoors, an unyielding enthusiasm for life, and a drive to overcome the hardship of a neurological challenge while focusing on quality of life. These commonalities inspired the idea of Outdoor Mindset (OM). 

Outdoor Mindset unites and empowers people affected by neurological challenges through their Community, Regional Meetups and Adventure Scholarship. 

Adventure Uncovered’s purpose is to accelerate social and environmental change through responsible adventure. They tell stories and curate live events about ‘adventure that matters.’ Their website contains compelling and thought-provoking industry-leading content; articles, news, opinions, features, video and podcasts. The live events they curate include outdoor excursions (Impact Events), inspirational talks, workshops and discussions (Adventure Uncovered Live), and films (Adventure Uncovered Film Festival), all featuring unique, compelling content from a diverse range of purpose-driven adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts.


If you are looking for a speaker at your event, Seize Your Adventure‘s contributors could hardly be more inspirational if they tried. Their experience and expertise have crafted a particular outlook on the world that is sure to provide insight and encouragement.  Typical themes of talks include perseverance, wellbeing, mental resilience, creativity, self-empowerment, making opportunities, managing risks and achieving goals.

Francesca Turauskis

(London, UK)

"Epilepsy conversations are full of confusion and corrections, and often avoided... I decided to tell adventure stories to ease people into the subject"

Fran’s background in drama and creative writing make her a compelling speaker with a passion for storytelling. Events include Yes Stories for the Yes Tribe, Tales of Adventure and Yestival.

Example talks are:

Walking Away from Epilepsy: My Journey to the Camino – A talk that focuses on the Fran’s relationship with epilepsy and walking, culminating in the 500 mile hike of the Camino de Santiago in Spain that helped her appreciate her body’s strengths.

My Epilepsy Adventure: Navigating a New Terrain – This inspirational talk looks at Fran’s journey from her first seizure to diagnosis, through her journey walking the Camino and how she founded Seize Your Adventure.

Putting Epilepsy in Perspective: Adventures in Instagram  How do you begin a conversation that people are scared to have? By taking words out of the picture. This multi-media talk focuses on the use of Instagram and pictures of adventure to spread epilepsy awareness.

Epilepsy in Literature Which writers had epilepsy? How are seizures portrayed in fiction? And how are people writing about epilepsy today? Fran’s well-researched talk sheds light on the condition through famous writing.

Jade Nelson

(Austin, Texas)

Jade Nelson at Keto Con

"I wake up each morning and practice yoga, go to work... my view of the world, no matter what it throws at me, is manageable now"

A seasoned Public Speaker, Jade’s previous events include Keto Con and Low Carb USA, San Diego

Example talks are:

Struggle to Self-Empowerment: How a Diagnosis Became a Passion Jade will discuss how she took an Epilepsy diagnosis and used it as a strength.

Epilepsy & Keto: My Journey of Healing in the Kitchen  This talk takes you through the healing process Jade experienced as she began the ketogenic diet, and how the kitchen became a place of healing and creativity.

From Diagnosis to Empowered Patient: How to Build a Healthcare Team and Be Your Own Best Advocate –  How Jade’s epilepsy diagnosis and personal experience of navigating healthcare taught her to be an advocate. (Relevant to a variety of health issues.)

Fundamental Keto: When Nutritional Ketosis Isn’t Enough How emotional, environmental and physical issues play a role in your ketogenic journey, with a focus on self-care tips and tricks.

 If you are interested in any other adventurers attending your event, please contact them directly.